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Javascript rating script

It is a cold day, so I will quickly wrap up this topic about javascript rating scripts before my nuts fall off.

If you are an opinionated but lazy reader, you will love the idea of rating an article with a simple click on one to five stars. (And if not stars, some weird “creative” graphics.) This click-and-go system is much more convenient than emailing or commenting. Just hit one to five stars, the javascript records your choice on a server, computes the effect on the aggregate votes and sends the end result back for all to see. No chance of a debate, no need to justify yourself to someone who disagrees with your opinion, just click and go.

If you have a blog, consider installing a javascript rating script to see what the lazy bastards really think of your posts, (I mean, to encourage feedback from your valued readership.) Here are some specific ideas for a simple rating script that you may want to try out. 

In order to increase one-click feedback, you could do as Yahoo Finance do, and make commenters rate the post before they can leave a comment. But unlike Yahoo, please put a little note in an obvious place, explaining the commenting process. Don’t be like me and scan through 300 comments in search of a comment box, to find none!

As an alternative to javascript, ratings lovers could try a php rating script from Phazos.

Did you like that info? I have no ratings scripts here, cause I think that whilst ratings are a teeny bit of interactive fun, they are too open to abuse. I prefer readers to leave a comment to add to the conversation. And perhaps the rating system is the line of  javascript that finally reduces your site-loading speed to a crawl.

Cheers. Ed

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January 11, 2008 Posted by | javascript | , | 2 Comments