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Skype hacks and Soonr

Microsoft buying Yahoo, ebay bought Skype, the world looks to be getting smaller by the day. And with less choice comes less chance to fight the rules of the big boys.

For instance, did you know that Skype users have to agree to let Skype piggy back off of their computer to route other users’ calls around the internet? The Internet Patrol read all the small print that us normal folks don’t take any notice of, and unearthed that gem.

Don’t despair, this universal interconnectivity has its advantages. It is probably very hard to break into the Skype network per se, so you can’t really over hear any wildly interesting phone conversations, but it offers some interesting possibilities. For instance, you can use conventional methods to hack into your geeky neighbor’s computer, and to find out what files really matter to them, sit quietly and wait for them to access their computer from their mobile phone via a Skype plug-in called Soonr.

There are plenty of other Skype hacks here, if you are wired that way, but beware, Skype could really screw with you and enable millions to listen in.

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