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Worst USB flash drive – The penis drive

The Syringe was considered the worst USB flash device to date. Someone suggested that the designers of the horrendous piece of solid state storage were aiming their product at doctors and junkies. Sounds about right, because it was certainly of no interest to the mass market.

I like to push the design envelope wherever possible, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with another niche flash drive design – The Penis.

It is a cross between a floppy disk and a USB stick. Place your limp device into a USB slot in your PC and within 4 milliseconds it stands to attention, unlike any other pen drive.

When you start surfing, a small chip detects any references to penises and other derivatives of the word. When it spots a penis or penis in action on a web page, it will auto download material. The more porn it finds, the more it downloads, and unlike any other solid state storage device, it has almost no limits to size. Thanks to a unique design its capacity to store data grows unbridled, and its growth can only be stunted either by exhausting every sexual reference on the internet, or by closing your browser and depowering your laptop.

One user who pushed the flash drive to the limit and failed to disconnect from x rated sites, ended up watching his Penis drive breaking a hole in the wall of his 8 storey penthouse apartment. The fire service had to be called to save him and his neighbors from certain death.

I never found a manufacturer willing or able to produce this penis pen drive. Maybe when the Minority report era has finally dawned? There is more USB storage machinations over at The


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