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Worst USB flash drive – The penis drive

The Syringe was considered the worst USB flash device to date. Someone suggested that the designers of the horrendous piece of solid state storage were aiming their product at doctors and junkies. Sounds about right, because it was certainly of no interest to the mass market.

I like to push the design envelope wherever possible, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with another niche flash drive design – The Penis.

It is a cross between a floppy disk and a USB stick. Place your limp device into a USB slot in your PC and within 4 milliseconds it stands to attention, unlike any other pen drive.

When you start surfing, a small chip detects any references to penises and other derivatives of the word. When it spots a penis or penis in action on a web page, it will auto download material. The more porn it finds, the more it downloads, and unlike any other solid state storage device, it has almost no limits to size. Thanks to a unique design its capacity to store data grows unbridled, and its growth can only be stunted either by exhausting every sexual reference on the internet, or by closing your browser and depowering your laptop.

One user who pushed the flash drive to the limit and failed to disconnect from x rated sites, ended up watching his Penis drive breaking a hole in the wall of his 8 storey penthouse apartment. The fire service had to be called to save him and his neighbors from certain death.

I never found a manufacturer willing or able to produce this penis pen drive. Maybe when the Minority report era has finally dawned? There is more USB storage machinations over at The


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BIOS and motherboard Skype hacks

I learnt that, to all intents and purposes, Skype hacks your computer (with your permission) in order to route other users’ phone calls around the internet. People are indignant, but what should we expect from a system that works on the back of a P2P infrastructure. I expect the moaners are the same ones who loved Kazaa?

Looking a bit deeper into Skype, ie beyond the end of my nose, I see there is another cause for concern. Pagetable reveal that when you log on to Skype, they tap into your BIOS and motherboard serial number to verify your user info.

So, that is a bit like picking up your phone and before you talk, the telecom company asks for your phone serial number, how many times you have phoned out, and are you the only user.

When you put it like that, this BIOS / motherboard check doesn’t seem so intrusive. In fact, thank god Skype can work out what they need to know to keep their system working properly, without engaging you in a conversation. Can you imagine the inconvenience of turning your phone upside down and trying to remember the first long number you see, only to be told it is the other long number, stupid!

The naked tech truth is that free comes at a price. That is surely the biggest lesson people need to learn when they use the internet. I will now get off my soapbox as quickly as I got on it.

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Stupid javascript scripts and stupid widgets

Javascript is a useful way of adding interactivity to a web site. I covered a way of rating posts earlier, a useful idea, but as with all good ideas, there are stupid javascript applications that make you want to scratch your head and wonder “What were they thinking?” The most stupid javascript script I have met so far is this one from

Viewing this page with a version 2 browser automatically submits Email containing your captured Email address. Your Email address is sent to an address which then bounces an Email message to you to prove that this web page grabbed it (“it” being the Email address field in your JavaScript-enabled browser, if it’s filled in.)

See what I mean?

There are hundreds of other stupid scripts, such as widgets that grab information from around the internet and place loony data in one “neat” spot on your page. A couple of particularly stupid widgets are Shave my yeti! and an Idiots List, to name but two.

There is loads more stupidity over at Widgetbox. I challenge you to come up with a more dumb idea than What not to do in accident.

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Flash drives, ah haaah, from EMC

The naked tech truth about hard drives is that flash storage is pretty cool. You can jump all over an iPod and, thanks to the flash drive, it won’t miss a music beat; you can throw your camera out an aeroplane and the flash card will survive unscathed, assuming it doesn’t land in a fire. And as time moves on, the itty bitty 128MB drives have evolved into the gigabytes.

And now, EMC, the masters of the data storage universe, where they think in terabytes and beyond, are the first to incorporate solid state flash drives for industry. Woah, it finds info so fast on your hard drive that it shows the results before you even finish your search term!

I wondered what it would be like to pack one of those flash drive babies into your iPod. Talk about putting a big bulge in your pocket, having to lug one of those around. And a hole in your pocket to buy one.
Of course, EMC couldn’t care less about iPods, they have bigger fish to fry, but on the domestic front, it is a hint of the future of PC hard drives. Amongst other things, instant on computers will be feasible. There we go, another 30 seconds a day saved.

What will you do with your 30 seconds? Listen to a sample of music on iTunes? EMC execs will probably use the extra half minute to compute their extra money.

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Skype hacks and Soonr

Microsoft buying Yahoo, ebay bought Skype, the world looks to be getting smaller by the day. And with less choice comes less chance to fight the rules of the big boys.

For instance, did you know that Skype users have to agree to let Skype piggy back off of their computer to route other users’ calls around the internet? The Internet Patrol read all the small print that us normal folks don’t take any notice of, and unearthed that gem.

Don’t despair, this universal interconnectivity has its advantages. It is probably very hard to break into the Skype network per se, so you can’t really over hear any wildly interesting phone conversations, but it offers some interesting possibilities. For instance, you can use conventional methods to hack into your geeky neighbor’s computer, and to find out what files really matter to them, sit quietly and wait for them to access their computer from their mobile phone via a Skype plug-in called Soonr.

There are plenty of other Skype hacks here, if you are wired that way, but beware, Skype could really screw with you and enable millions to listen in.

More from Ed about Soonr and hacking and Skype

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Naked tech

I am going to move this alternative tech blog over to Blogger. See you there.

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