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Stupid javascript scripts and stupid widgets

Javascript is a useful way of adding interactivity to a web site. I covered a way of rating posts earlier, a useful idea, but as with all good ideas, there are stupid javascript applications that make you want to scratch your head and wonder “What were they thinking?” The most stupid javascript script I have met so far is this one from

Viewing this page with a version 2 browser automatically submits Email containing your captured Email address. Your Email address is sent to an address which then bounces an Email message to you to prove that this web page grabbed it (“it” being the Email address field in your JavaScript-enabled browser, if it’s filled in.)

See what I mean?

There are hundreds of other stupid scripts, such as widgets that grab information from around the internet and place loony data in one “neat” spot on your page. A couple of particularly stupid widgets are Shave my yeti! and an Idiots List, to name but two.

There is loads more stupidity over at Widgetbox. I challenge you to come up with a more dumb idea than What not to do in accident.

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